Ratajkowski's support for Melania Trump brings consistency to feminism

After actress Emily Ratajkowski publicly slammed a New York Times reporter who told her the first lady of the United States was a “hooker,” nobody quite knew how to react.

On one hand, Ratajkowski is an outspoken feminist and her opposition to “slut-shaming” should resonate with her peers. On the other, Melania Trump is married to perhaps the single greatest human target of feminist outrage in recent history. She is widely perceived in feminist circles as an enabler of her husband’s sexism.

Should feminists side with Ratajkowski and defend the first lady despite her support for her husband? Some did, some did not.

Similarly, should conservatives applaud Melania Trump’s statement thanking Ratajkowski for her support despite typically hesitating to embrace feminist concepts like “slut-shaming”?

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