Why Trump and Netanyahu will get along well

Trump must make it crystal clear that unless the Palestinians negotiate a reasonable solution with Israel, they will never have a state. President Barack Obama did not send that message with clarity, especially when he ordered his U.N. representative to allow a one-sided, anti-Israel resolution to be passed by the security council.

Trump must reassure Netanyahu that he will apply pressure — perhaps through our Sunni allies — on the Palestinian authority, and not only on Israel, as the Obama administration did. History shows that American administrations that really have Israel’s back — not to stab, but to support — are more likely to persuade Israel to offer compromises.

So I hope Netanyahu will emerge from the White House meeting with the confidence in American support to stand up to those in his cabinet who oppose the two-state solution and who want to expand settlement activity. And I hope the Palestinian leadership will understand it has no option other than to accept the Netanyahu offer to negotiate anywhere, anytime and with no preconditions. Perhaps then we will finally see a reasonable resolution to the age-old conflict.

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