Puzder's ex-wife told Oprah he threatened "you will pay for this"

During the episode, titled “High Class Battered Women,” Lisa Fierstein, Puzder’s ex-wife, said he told her, “’I will see you in the gutter. This will never be over. You will pay for this.” Fierstein also said she called the police on him.

Fierstein divorced Puzder in 1987. Eight months after appearing on Oprah, she retracted her allegations of domestic abuse as part of a child custody agreement. She said repeatedly thereafter that the allegations were a tactic to gain leverage in her divorce.

But Fierstein appeared on Oprah in disguise, wearing large sunglasses and a wig and using an assumed name, “Ann.” She sat on a panel with two other women who also alleged abuse by their husbands. Fierstein spoke for about 5:50 minutes of the hour-long episode.

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