McConnell: Flynn investigation "highly likely" in Senate committee

“I think the fundamental question for us is what is our involvement in it, and who ought to look at it,” the Kentucky Republican said. “And the intelligence committee is already looking at Russian involvement in our election. As Sen. (Roy) Blunt has already indicated, it is highly likely they will want to take look at this episode as well. They have the broad jurisdiction to do it.”

The Senate’s second-ranking Republican and other GOP senators have called for an investigation into the episode, building on a string of investigations underway on Russian interference in the US elections. Sen. John Cornyn told reporters Tuesday that the Senate standing committees with oversight of intelligence needs to investigate.

Asked by CNN if he wanted the Senate’s committees to investigate Flynn, Cornyn replied: “Yes.”

But Cornyn, the Senate majority whip, was not ready to say Flynn should testify before Congress.

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