House conservatives: No wall money without paying for it

Conservatives in the House are already sending a message to President Donald Trump: If you want us to give you your wall, tell us how you will pay for it.

Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and Republican Study Committee said Tuesday any conversation about funding a border wall or border security projects — along with initiatives like infrastructure spending, Obamacare and military spending — must include spending cuts elsewhere.
“If all of a sudden we’re not worried about pay-fors for our spending, then we have been hypocrites for six years,” said Rep. Raul Labrador, a Republican from Idaho. “So we need to make sure that whether it’s a fence, whether it’s the military, whether its’ any other issue that we’re discussing here in Congress … we need to have pay-fors for those things, and I’m not going to vote for anything that just increases spending without looking at a way to pay for that in the future.”

Lawmakers are expected to consider funding for Trump’s promised border wall and his executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement this spring. Government funding runs out in April and will need to be renewed, but the border wall ask could come in the form of a supplemental spending bill, perhaps packaged with military funds.

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