Reporters turn on each other over Trump

“No questions about Flynn’s status even though it is leading every newscast?? Are these planted questions on the Washington side?” tweeted national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin for Fox News.

“By handpicking reporters, Trump manages to get through news conference without being asked about Flynn,” tweeted New York Times reporter Peter Baker.

After the press conference some reporters approached the journalists who asked the questions to confront them about why they did not ask about Flynn and whether the White House had asked them not to.

AP reporter Julie Pace “asked me if the administration had told me beforehand not to ask about Mike Flynn, which they didn’t. She was clearly agitated that I hadn’t asked the question she wanted answered,” said Daily Caller White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins. “That idea is laughable to me. I found out [quite literally] a minute before the press conference that I would get a question.”

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