The Ninth Circuit’s stay on Trump’s immigration order is legal garbage

This is where you should begin to get angry. After the court found it likely that Trump’s executive order violated constitutional rights of people who have no constitutional rights, it put those make-believe “rights” ahead of the country’s national security, and your right to be safe in your home, workplace, and place of worship. The court put the rights of the following people ahead of your safety:

Two visiting scholars (one without a visa) who wanted to spend time at Washington State University;
Three “prospective employees” of the University of Washington who had no visas; and
Two medicine and science interns without visas.

Yes, the court found that the make-believe “rights” of seven people (only one of which actually had a visa, and none of which were in the country) trump your right to live free and without fear. Their “rights” trump the national security interests of the U.S. government and its 300 million citizens. This is 100 percent wrong.

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