Battle over Trump nominees shifts to new target: Andy Puzder

Democrats think Puzder, Trump’s nominee to lead the Labor Department, represents their best chance to block a Cabinet pick after DeVos, the Education secretary, squeaked through the Senate on a historic tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence.

The CEO of a fast food conglomerate that owns Hardee’s and Carl Jr.’s, Puzder has several vulnerabilities. He admitted to hiring a housekeeper who was an illegal immigrant, his wife once accused him of domestic violence (an accusation she has since retracted), and groups have attacked the way workers are treated at his restaurants.

Democrats are promising to raise those issues and more at Puzder’s confirmation hearing on Thursday.

“Donald Trump ran on the promise of putting workers first, and what he’s done in nominating Puzder, is show he never intended to keep that promise,” a Senate Democratic aide told The Hill.

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