Gorsuch not easy to pigeonhole on gay rights, friends say

“There’s not an enormous amount to work with there; there are not many decisions to go on,” said Rachel B. Tiven, the chief executive of Lambda Legal, which represents gay plaintiffs and expects one of its cases, involving bathroom access for transgender people, to come before the Supreme Court this year.

Like other gay rights groups, Lambda Legal took what it called the “unusual step” of opposing the Gorsuch nomination even before the Senate confirmation hearings.

“It was unprecedented for Lambda Legal,” Ms. Tiven said, “but were are living in times that are not ordinary.”

Just this week, the gay author and blogger Michaelangelo Signorile published a piece in The Huffington Post headlined: “Why Neil Gorsuch Likely Believes It’s Perfectly Fine to Ban Gay Sex.” In it, he argued that Judge Gorsuch “may be all mild-mannered and cuddly, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t in a heartbeat deny your very existence under the Constitution if you happen to be queer.

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