"Death panel" disputes erupt at Florida GOP congressman's town hall

The meeting erupted into shouts and jeers in its first minutes, when Bill Akins — the chairman of the county Republican Party — complained of Obamacare’s “death panels,” a term that does not appear in the text of former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law but refers to the Politifact-ruled “Pants On Fire” claim that the ACA created a panel of government bureaucrats that deems whether someone is worthy of health care.

Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare has revived the anger prevalent when the health care law first passed, this time with liberals protesting as Republican lawmakers struggle to settle on a replacement that keeps Americans from losing coverage.

“There is a provision in there that anyone over the age of 74 has to go before what is effectively a death panel,” Akins claimed.

Bilirakis nodded. But audience members — including several doctors — shouted that Akins was wrong. Many yelled that he was a “liar.”

“OK, children,” Akins shot back.

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