Anti-Trump rage lifts Democrats' funk (a little)

This psychological revival is being driven by President Donald Trump’s pronouncements, policies, appointments and avalanche of lies, all of which are remarkably divisive. It’s all emboldened Washington Democrats to oppose Trump at every turn, engaged progressive groups around the country and aroused hope for midterm congressional victories in the 2018 election.

Maybe. Turning anger into political success will require Democrats to figure out how to parlay the passions of the anti-Trump left-wing base without turning off swing voters, including some of the working-class Democrats who abandoned Hillary Clinton last November.

With the developments of the last month, said Fred Yang, a top Democratic pollster, “We have lots of opportunities.” He added: “There has been an organic outpouring. The challenge now is to sustain it and channel it into voting.” He sees parallels to the Tea Party activists and Republicans in the years before 2016.

At the same time, he noted, voters want to see accomplishments. “We can’t be seen as too much the oppositional party if Republicans seem to offer reasonable proposals,” Yang said. “So far they have not.”

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