Will the left save Donald Trump?

Walker believes that the turning point in the fight may have been when protesters targeted his family home in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. For middle-of-the-road voters, that crossed a line of civility and decency. But that line was crossed repeatedly as Walker’s oppositions morphed from petulant to obscene to threatening.

During one of protests in Madison in 2011 a video captured one demonstrator repeatedly shouting the F-word at 14-year-old girl who was speaking at a pro-Walker rally. On the floor of the State Assembly a Democratic state representative turned to a female republican colleague and shouted “You are f—-ing dead!

While the scorched earth tactics and massive rallies excited the base, they alienated independents and reinforced the loyalty of conservatives.

Over the next three years, Walker was re-elected twice.

The tactics of the left may also have accomplished that was once unthinkable: turning one of the country’s most reliably blue states red, even in presidential election years.

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