Editorial: The Gorsuch gaffe

It would be surprising to us if by chastising his nominator Judge Gorsuch gained any quarter whatsoever from the Democrats. Not even a micron of a quarter. The opposition senators announced they were against Mr. Trump’s nominee even before his name was put up by the President. It would not be surprising, though, were Mr. Trump to turn around and yank Judge Gorsuch’s nomination and send up to the Senate a candidate who can keep his or her cool.

Certainly Mr. Trump is ahead of his critics in his understanding of this situation — just as he was ahead of the entire Republican field, not to mention the Democratic intelligentsia, in understanding the politics of the 2016 election. Every single voter who cast a ballot for Mr. Trump comprehends that the 9th Circuit is behaving in a political fashion. If it weren’t, the Circuit would have dismissed the lawsuit from the State of Washington for the ideological grandstanding that it was.

Every sentient voter in America gets this. It is hard to think of a campaign promise in the whole history of the Republic that was more clear than Mr. Trump’s vow that he was going to tighten up on immigration until he can get a handle on the situation in the middle of this war. So what if it wasn’t everyone’s priority? That it was one of the mandates the voters gave to the winner of this election is unmistakable. Since when did it become unconstitutional to keep campaign promises?

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