Branded as enemies: Anti-Trump business boycotts create confusion for consumers

More than 250 companies and products have landed in the Democratic crosshairs. That’s a lot for even the most politically motivated shopper to remember, especially as confusion arises with sporadic pro-Trump outbreaks such as #BoycottBudweiser and the ongoing Breitbart advertising boycott and counter-boycott.

Having too many targets is one reason some analysts predict the anti-Trump effort may be destined to collapse under its own weight.

“The sheer number of boycotts targeted against companies by both pro-Trump and anti-Trump activists would seem to significantly weaken the impact of any given boycott,” said Brayden King, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. “The news cycle is moving at such a rapid pace right now, it’s hard to know if they even register on the average person’s radar anymore.”

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