These political Super Bowl ads suggest brands are bailing on Trump

By far the most political ad came from hardware chain 84 Lumber. The spot features a mother and daughter trying to emigrate to America from Mexico for a better life. It’s wrenching to watch, and the commercial was initially rejected by Fox because it contained a literal wall — a clear reference to Trump’s proposal. “The will to succeed is welcome here,” the ad concludes…

The spot certainly got people’s attention: 84 Lumber’s website crashed from too many visitors, and the company’s social media account was active all night, thanking those who liked it and doubling down on its pro-immigrant message. When angry viewers tweeted that they planned to boycott in future — “Your anti American add [sic] will cost you,” one person wrote — 84 Lumber Company replied: “84 Lumber is better when we look beyond stereotypes. If that changes ur views of our products & services, that’s ur right.” “I hope your CEO gets mugged by an undocumented American,” a different user responded. 84 Lumber Company carried on, unfazed.

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