ISIS attempts to buy allegiance of refugees

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is capitalizing on the desperation of refugees, attempting to buy their allegiance to bolster its own ranks, according to a new report released Monday.

According to London-based anti-extremism think tank Quilliam, ISIS is engaging in efforts to recruit refugees in humanitarian camps, on migration routes to Europe, and in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, where millions of Syrians have fled the near six-year conflict.

The extremist group is openly offering financial incentives—up to $2,000, to new recruits in refugee camps in both Lebanon and Jordan, the report says.

On the treacherous Eastern Mediterranean route from Syria to the European Union’s borders, mostly via Turkey, the group offers free passage to those who are open to joining the group—an attractive proposition when trips facilitated by smugglers can cost as much as $600. ISIS then offers recruits $1,000 for joining.

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