The game is on. Can you please take the politics outside?

On Sunday, President Trump will continue one of President Obama’s Super Bowl traditions: a televised pregame interview, in this case with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. While Mr. Trump is rarely one to shun the cameras, on this day I hope he will reconsider, and give the nation an opportunity to enjoy the game free of his presence.

Andrew Breitbart, whose namesake publication was an important factor in the election of Mr. Trump, was fond of saying that American politics is downstream from culture. Yet in the early days of the Trump era, it seems clear that the reverse is true. From television to comedy to sports, politics surrounds and engulfs us, leaving us no space to gather as citizens without giving a thought to it.

American culture today is infected with politics to a degree that it hurts our ability to share cultural moments and experiences with people who have different views. The problem isn’t the CNN “breaking news” headlines that increase blood pressure for the political addicts among us. It is that it is now impossible to consume media without the constant encroachment of political divisiveness and partisan tribalism.

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