Poll: Plurality wants Gorsuch confirmed, 49/36

Overall, 49% say the Senate should vote to confirm Gorsuch, who is a federal judge. That’s roughly the same share that said so about Samuel Alito in 2005 and Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 shortly after their nominations were announced. Support for Gorsuch is just a hair below that of former President Barack Obama’s selection for the same seat, Merrick Garland (52% supported a vote in favor), who did not receive a hearing or confirmation vote in the Senate…

Overall, though, 39% say they have a positive first impression of Gorsuch, significantly higher than the 24% who say they have a negative impression of him. More, 45%, said they had a positive first impression of Garland after his pick was announced last year and 54% felt positively about Roberts after his announcement.

Republicans are broadly behind a vote in favor of Gorsuch (84% say the Senate should confirm him), while Democrats are mostly opposed (61% say he should not be confirmed). The partisan divide was a bit less sharp on Garland, with 80% of Democrats in support of confirmation and 54% of Republicans opposed.

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