Why bridging the political divide is more important than ever

“…we as a people have to work together as a team because we are in hard times. I know if we do… we’ll continue to be the best nation in the world and accomplish goals none of us thought we could set.”

That was Major Scotty Smiley’s message to the House and Senate Republicans in Philadelphia last week. As we gathered in America’s birthplace for our annual retreat, keynotes by the President, Vice President and British Prime Minister dominated headlines around the globe. But it was the story of this hometown hero, a soldier living in Spokane who lost his eyesight to a suicide bomber in Iraq, that renewed our commitment as Republicans — on behalf of the nation we’ve been elected to lead — to teamwork and values.

Major Smiley’s inspiring message of service before self, teamwork and coming together touched me deeply, especially at this moment in our nation’s history.

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