Poll: Americans narrowly disapprove of Trump's travel ban order, 45/51

Slightly more Americans disapprove (51 percent) than approve (45 percent) of President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning people from entering the U.S. from seven designated countries. Views on temporarily suspending entry for refugees are the same. Opinions on these issues are highly partisan.

The public splits on whether a temporary ban on people from the seven designated countries will make the U.S. safer, but most Republicans (who support the ban) think it will.

On a more positive note for Mr. Trump, more Americans think the Senate should vote to confirm his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, than vote against him. However, 56 percent can’t say at this point. Republicans and independents are more supportive of Gorsuch than Democrats.

In the CBS News Poll’s first measure of Mr. Trump’s job performance as president, 40 percent of Americans approve of the job he is doing — the lowest of any president just after his first inauguration since the Gallup Poll began taking those measures in 1953. Some 48 percent disapprove.

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