It's time for Trump supporters to realize they won and get over #NeverTrump

Something Sean forgets is the fact that Neil Gorsuch has only been nominated, not confirmed. When the left unloads on Gorsuch and they will, who is going to be out there on the front lines pushing back against it? There is no question the left is going to attempt to turn Gorsuch into Attila the Hun, saying he drinks the blood of infants to get a “boost” in the mornings.

It’s going to be ugly, and every liberal news outlet is going to be in on it. The pushback is going to have to come from all corners of conservative media, advocacy groups, and elected officials. If Sean Hannity and those like him would rather spend their time peeing on the legs of those who were part of Never Trump, beautiful.

The problem with that strategy is, all of those “RINO’s,” “cucks,” and establishment types are still members of the Senate. Their votes will be critical to Judge Gorsuch taking a seat on the Supreme Court. Their votes and the voters of other Republicans labeled as “traitors” by Trump supporters, in the House will be needed to get tax reform done and to get Obamacare repealed. On issues where Republicans can agree, the back biting needs to come to a stop.

Your guy won, Sean. Get over it.

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