Eyeing the House, Democrats move to hire operatives in 20 GOP-held districts

Luján also pointed to smaller-scale protests that have sprung up against GOP plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act — such as a constituent event held last month in a Denver suburb that ended with Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) leaving through a back door.

None of the protests were formally organized by Democrats, but Democratic officials have fervently embraced the activism. On Saturday, for instance, numerous elected officials and candidates for Democratic National Committee leadership posts went to airports around the country to join in protests against the travel ban.

The DCCC’s organizing push is aimed at turning that activism into votes come November 2018. The new field operatives, Luján said, will be hired in most cases from within the targeted districts and who have previously worked on House campaigns there.

“We were able to quickly reach out to people we have trained as organizers, that have already been on campaigns, that know the communities and leaders, that know many of these districts,” he said. “We’re bringing them right back into the fold.”

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