McDonald’s burger machine vs the Fight for $15

At the same time as a coalition dedicated to passing legislation that would boost the state’s hourly minimum wage to $15 delivered its presentation on Beacon Hill, across town in Kenmore Square a McDonald’s franchise unveiled the world’s first Big Mac machine.

The legislative briefing held by Raise Up Massachusetts, a coalition of labor, religious and community groups, also saw various experts outline a series of reasons for why progressive measures such as instituting paid family and medical leave and imposing additional surtaxes on the state’s top earners would help Massachusetts.

The coalition’s $15 minimum wage legislation, filed by state Rep. Dan Donahue (D-Worcester) and state Sen. Kenneth Donnelly (D-Arlington), seeks to raise the minimum wage at so-called “big-box stores” and fast food franchises by $1 per year until 2021, when it would reach $15. The proposal follows a previously enacted law that expired this month, one which raised the minimum wage from $8 to $11 over the span of three years.

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