For Bannon, the game has only just begun

At the red-hot center of President Trump’s first 11 days in office has been his chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who seeks to organize a global populist movement for “Judeo-Christian” values and against radical Islam.

Bannon is the intellectual center of the new administration. For nearly a decade he has been advertising his desire to turn America and the world upside down. He’s now doing exactly that. Trump’s “America First” trade policies and his anti-refugee travel ban are early glimmers of the revolution Bannon has long been advocating.

As the uproar over Trump’s actions grows, it’s important to distinguish between policies that are politically controversial and those that actually undermine the country’s foundations. The haphazard executive order banning travel by people from seven Muslim-majority countries seems to me the latter: It strikes at America’s core values.