Five myths of the debate over Trump’s refugee executive order

Rarely has it been more important to consider all sides of a debate than in the last four days, as anger has raged over Trump’s executive order on refugees. Our atomized political discourse has led to parallel reactions of euphoria and fury that are far out of proportion to the contents of the order itself. Myths abound, and if you believe any of these myths you’re simply losing the truth and slipping into an alternate political reality. Here, in no particular order, are five of the most dangerous.

Myth One: The executive order will “Make America Safe Again.” Truth be told, it’s barely even a start. Cut through the sound and fury, and we’re talking about an order that caps refugees at numbers slightly above Bush administration levels and only slightly below the levels of Obama’s first seven years in office. It bans entry from just seven countries that are either actively jihadist or torn by jihadist violence for only 90 days.

This is not a significant immigration reform. Indeed, it’s not even a true ban: The AP reports that the Trump administration is admitting 872 refugees because of hardship concerns. A pause is important and wise, but the next moves will be far more important. What happens after the pause? What will new security measures look like?

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