Trump's just doing his job

Mr. Obama could admit about as many Muslims as he wanted. Mr. Trump can keep out as many Muslims as he wants. Since the early 20th century, the U.S. has not even remotely been “a nation of immigrants” as the college kids shout. We have been at times among the very most restricted nations on earth. Just ask the Chinese or the Japanese or the Jews desperately trying to get out of Nazi Europe.

When Mr. Trump issued his EO calling for A TINY bit of restriction, an EO which was a joke of miniaturization compared with Mr. Obama’s EOs, he was well within his rights as President. (GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, COLLEGE KIDS… HE’S PRESIDENT! YOUR CANDIDATE LOST. SHE WAS NAPPING WHILE TRUMP WAS WORKING!) When the few judges blocked a tiny tiny tiny bit of the Trump EO they were not questioning his basic rights to restrict immigration… only how it worked and requiring hearings for some persons.

BTW, thanks to my pal, Attorney Rappaport, I have learned that there are a ton of immigrants wanting hearings and very very few immigration judges. Immigrants will have to learn patience.

So, point one… get hip. Mr. Trump is the new sheriff in Immigrant City.