Obama should quit opining on Trump and get back to work

What is this level of engagement? It’s protest. It’s sad that progressives don’t understand that they do not represent the common American. They are activists still lost in the wilderness of wokeness, who think the country has shifted in their direction. President Obama has become the pussy-hatted patriot standing athwart the danger of Donald Trump. Okay. But what about the pussy-hatted cub?

I get why Obama would want to forgo traditional protocol about discussing presidential successors. President Trump is the Don Rickles of politics. It’s pretty clear he views Mexicans as people who do a nice job picking up the rooms in his hotels. That is what it is.

But dig it, ex-President Obama: You are ex-President Obama. You lost. Hillary didn’t just, lose, you lost. The American people looked at your historic presidency and said “No, thanks.” That’s a hell of a thing given the historic nature of your presidency.

So now we know Obama will hover over us. He will proclaim it when we have gone too far. He will proclaim, as Shakespeare wrote, that when he opes his lips let no dog bark. But we will bark. We will stand up, and the Left is going to have to deal with it.

President Obama had a good run. He was a fabulous favorite. But it’s over now, and it’s time he just goes away.