Alan Dershowitz: Acting AG made a mistake on Trump exec order, it was ‘political decision’

On CNN tonight, Alan Dershowitz criticized acting Attorney General Sally Yates for instructing the DOJ not to defend President Trump‘s travel ban as long as she’s in the position.

Yates (a holdover from the Obama administration) explained in a letter that she does not believe the order is even lawful.

Dershowitz told Erin Burnett, “She’s made a serious mistake here. This is holdover heroism. It’s so easy to be a heroine when you’re not appointed by this president and when you’re on the other side.”

He said it would have been better if Yates had done a more nuanced analysis of what parts of the ban are constitutional and what parts aren’t, because “by lumping all of them together, she has made a political decision rather than a legal one.”