Why Joe Scarborough is mostly wrong about Trump's war with the news media

You see, President Trump doesn’t give a damn about the appealing to the people who are swayed by the mainstream news media. More than just that, you can actually make a very strong argument that he (or Steve Bannon, who chillingly wants the media to “keep its mouth shut”) is making a strategically sound decision, at least in the short run, to go in this largely unprecedented direction.

Throughout the modern history of presidential politics, the governing goal/strategy has always been to figure a way to get at least 55% of the general public to at least marginally support you. This would not only assure your reelection but also allow you to control your own party while possibly making inroads with the opposition.

Trump, however, possibly because he rightly realizes that 55% approval is simply not possible for a guy who maxed out at 46% of the vote against a horrible candidate, has clearly decided to focus all of his energies on making sure that he maintains something close to a 40% approval, but with over half of those people devoted to him as if he is a king, or the leader of a cult. This was obviously his approach during both the primary and general elections and his actions/statements since being elected, including his inaugural address and interview with David Muir, have made it abundantly clear he is not changing course now.