The real shocker: Trump is a politician who delivers on his promises

Even for some conservatives, the vigorous pace at which Trump is taking action is disorienting.

George H. W. Bush squandered the fruits of the Reagan revolution and the end of the Cold War in his pursuit of a “new world order” and a duel with Saddam Hussein. His son talked a good game about immigration and terrorism but finished neither the fence Congress explicitly authorized in 2006 nor the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even Reagan never abolished the education or energy departments, as he promised.

While Trump’s actions so far are mainly symbolic — he still has to flesh out his Cabinet, push Congress to appropriate monies to begin construction and hire the diggers and masons for the wall — he’s already given his supporters hope that this time, things just might be different.

And that’s what has everyone in the country in such an uproar. After 65 years of government by the congressional Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, Americans now confront the brave new world of a president who will cut through the red tape and make change happen.