Latinos' Trump dilemma: Resist or reach out

So what can each party do to help repair this relationship, or at least make it less combustible?

Latinos need to pick their battles wisely. The wall isn’t the worst thing in the world, not when nearly a third of the U.S.-Mexico border is already protected by some sort of barrier put there by Democrats and Republicans alike. Latinos should keep their powder dry until he does worse. They should also praise Trump when he does something they agree with.

And Trump must try to make amends to Latinos, a community that he has gone out of his way to offend for the sake of scoring cheap political points with unsavory elements of the Republican Party. This might include additional appointments, special educational initiatives, maybe even a stab at immigration reform that allows some of the undocumented to remain in the United States once the border is secure and criminals have been removed.

The relationship between Trump and Latinos is in bad shape, but it’s not yet beyond repair. It can get better over time if both sides are willing to put in the effort to improve it. Let’s get started.