The weakening of the "alt-right": How infighting and doxxing are taking a toll

Just over a week ago, “Mike Enoch”, host of the podcast The Daily Shoah (whose title is a pun on the Holocaust) and operator of the website The Right Stuff, was revealed to be a New York-based tech worker named Mike Peinovich. The Right Stuff and its stable of podcasts were a major hub for promoting and popularising antisemitism and white supremacist theories of race. But the doxxing also revealed that Peinovich’s wife was of a Jewish background.

For segments of the movement, this counted as a scandal, despite the support Peinovich received from Spencer and others. Subsequently, one of his colleagues at The Right Stuff announced in a podcast that Peinovich had separated from his wife, and reportedly he has also lost what he described as his “normie job”.

Peinovich was the last in a string of doxxings involving others connected with the website. Another YouTuber, “Millennial Woes”, was unmasked as 34-year-old Colin Robertson, which reportedly led him to flee his native Scotland.

Spencer confirmed that these tactics have had an effect. “The doxxing is absolutely terrible and it does scare off a lot of people. I hate to say this but doxxing is a weapon, and it is a way of attacking people, and it often works.”