The media-Sean Spicer fight over crowd size is all about insecurity

So it’s absurd for the media to suggest that larger crowd size equals larger political commitment and national influence, just as it’s preposterous for the Trump administration to dishonestly write “Oh, yeah, well we had the mostest people ever” on the ball of stupidity and lob it back to the press.

Those of us not caught in the vortex of toxic codependency that is the media-Trump love affair know precisely what was going on during Saturday’s press conference. By insisting that Sean Spicer concede the underwhelming turnout for Trump’s inauguration, the media weren’t speaking truth to power. They were speaking snark to insecurity, still bitter over getting pantsed by a reality star on election night.

Likewise, Spicer shouting “Trump is more popular than anyone ever” was not the sound of the White House righteously running roughshod over a deceitful press. It was the sound of an insecure administration hurling flaming balls of dishonesty at the media, shouting “Are you not entertained” to the American people, and mistaking the spectacle for leadership.