Having a vagina is a matter of biology, not a political argument

For all my jibes, there was something truly impressive about the sheer scale of the crowds, the enormous number of women and men, filling the streets of Washington in a noisy bubbling ribbon of pink and placards.

But it is an army lacking a common purpose. Lacking a common cause. Every one of them wielding a placard for a different grudge they bear. Many unable to give a coherent reason for being there. Most at odds with the placards they carried. Many cross a woman didn’t win.

But simply being a woman is not enough.

This was a march defined by gender, not purpose – much like Clinton’s campaign. And a march where the meaningless drivel of the speakers was matched by the lack of a clear aim of those marching.

No one would argue their hearts were not in it. I found myself smiling at their happiness in each other’s company, their relief to be together, reminding each other they are not alone.

But a shared sense of victimhood is not sufficient to make change happen.