Trump leaves world diplomats down and out

“The message was ‘America First and screw everyone else,’ ” said one Arab diplomat. “That mind frame is not lost on the world and it is not good for the United States.”

A Western diplomat said Trump’s speech translated to her country as a message that the new US posture will be “America first and we will see about the rest of the world if we have time,” a message that left people “depressed.”…

Little surprise then that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also called Trump Saturday to stress the importance of Canada-US ties and remind Trump that 35 states count Canada as their top destination for exports.

Trudeau had to calm the frayed nerves of Canadian provincial leaders in a Friday phone call with them. Canada is the US’ second-largest trading partner after China, with more than 70% of Canadian exports going to the US. The Prime Minister’s office said he spoke to the leaders about efforts to find common ground with the new US administration.