Trump won. His opponents need to move on. So does he

He has mocked the New York Times as “failing” or “losing thousands of subscribers,” unloaded on Vanity Fair for having “no talent” and “really poor numbers.”

He still keeps talking about Evan McMullin, a no-hope conservative presidential candidate, has blasted the cast of “Hamilton,” and lambasted “Saturday Night Live” as “biased” and unfunny.

Trump is a proud counter-puncher, as he showed in crushing 16 Republicans and Hillary Clinton to the White House. And now, as of Tuesday, he has finally won. The Electoral College cast its votes, and Trump carried the day.

Everyone else lost — the haters, losers, protestors, NeverTrumpers, McMullin, and Crooked Hillary. It’s time for all of them, and for Trump himself, to move on. He needs to act more presidentially and they need to accept him as president.