Intel report won't end Russia hacking fight

Beyond that, though, some Hill Republicans believe the Obama administration has concealed and/or manipulated intelligence at key times in the last few years. Those episodes do not give Republicans any confidence that the Obama Intelligence Community will be straight with them this time. Three examples:

1) On Benghazi, Republicans felt they had to pull teeth to get the story of the Intelligence Community’s role in the administration’s blame-it-on-the-video talking points.

2) On the Central Command matter, Republicans felt the administration distorted intelligence in an effort to suggest more progress in the fight against Islamic State than had actually occurred.

3) On the bin Laden documents, Republicans have pushed for the declassification and release of thousands of pages captured when U.S. forces killed the al Qaeda leader in 2011. Slow-walking would not begin to describe the administration’s response, with few papers released to this day.

In light of all that, it’s fair to say that Republicans have near zero confidence that the administration will play the Russia election hacking intelligence straight. If anything, Republicans have a healthy respect for the ability of IC and White House officials to manipulate intelligence and spin things their way.