You only have five good years in life

Assuming we still consider 40 the age where we start entering middle age (or old age) that means that we have about 22 years of the best years of our lives. Or so it would seem at first glance. But once you start thinking about it, that doesn’t really hold true.

Once you turn 30 you realize how fast 12 years went by from the time you were 18 until you hit 30. They went a lot quicker than the 12 years from when you were six and in kindergarten until you were 18 and a senior in high school, didn’t they? And then you realize you only have 10 years until you turn 40. And if 12 years went by fast, how much quicker will 10 years pass?

So while you initially thought that your thirties were part of the good years of your life, you now realize they aren’t because they represent how close to 40 you are.

But at least you still have 12 good years to your life. Or do you?