"Primal scream": How a lifelong progressive grew so disgusted with her party, she voted for Trump

A longtime home health care aide, Cohen has many characteristics of a voter the Democratic Party typically relies on winning: African-American, environmentally conscious, pro-choice, pro-labor, pro-gun control. But this year she checked another box: pro-change. When it came down to it, she was angrier at her own party’s leaders than she was appalled by a man who cozied up to white nationalist and anti-Semitic groups. She wanted to throw it back in the face of her party.

“It was my primal scream,” Cohen says. “I wasn’t gonna take it anymore.”

She honestly never imagined Trump would win. And even though she finds his choices for Cabinet and other top White House jobs “cringe-worthy,” Cohen doesn’t regret her radical act of defiance. She feels that by helping take the Democrats to rock bottom, they’ve been “given a gift” to rebuild their party.

“I wanted it burned down … so that we could build a new, hopefully more equitable one that meets the needs of all, not only the super-rich,” she said.