Trump lays out limits of business involvement

Donald Trump will not accept briefings on his business while serving as president, and he’s open to limits on his ability to talk business with his two adult sons slated to run the company, according to a Trump spokeswoman.

But as details emerge on Trump’s plan to separate his private interests from the public, key questions remain unanswered: Trump also wants a way to return to his business when his White House days are over, and he doesn’t want anyone outside the family owning the rights to the Trump name while he’s away, Trump’s friends, business associates and transition staff tell POLITICO.

Those are among the issues delaying Trump’s grand plan to protect his administration from conflicts of interest — even as his critics continue to pound him for failing to produce the ethics setup he’d promised would by now be a done deal. Trump’s legal team has been working on a public-private ethics firewall since the President-elect’s upset election victory, but discussions with people surrounding that process paint a picture of a man struggling to cut all ties with the business empire that made him rich and famous.