Obama press conference crushes progressive fantasies

The fever swamps of the left were eager for Obama’s final press conference of the year. Would the CIA’s leaks about Russian hacking force the President to disrupt the transition? The Electoral College meets Monday — could Obama give them all the intelligence? Would Obama refuse to relinquish power to that borscht-slurping Putin stooge tweeting at 4 a.m. from Trump Tower?

They were sorely disappointed.

Obama instead gave another tedious, blame-shifting performance. Packing five minutes of content into an hour and 26 minutes of podium time, Obama began by outlining what a wonderful President he has been. He fixed the financial crisis, unemployment, Iran, healthcare, energy dependence, Cuba, the stock market, and war itself.

He repeated his lawyerly assertion that during his tenure, “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed an attack on our homeland that was directed from overseas.” Before viewers could diagram that sentence, he tossed in a bald-faced lie. “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.” Admirably, the press didn’t laugh as hard as the viewers at home.