Obama has degraded ISIS. Can Trump finish the job?

The US has said that US-led airstrikes have killed up to 75% of ISIS fighters and 180 of its leaders, assessing that the international anti- ISIS coalition has choked the group’s ability to recruit foreigner fighters, undermined its propaganda efforts and helped Iraqi forces retake territory.

Pentagon officials say a lot of work against ISIS remains, work that Trump has signaled he would tackle with a more intense military approach — characterized by his campaign pledge to “bomb the s— out of them.”

Analysts warn, though, that the Trump administration will have to consider a broader set of challenges, not only on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, but beyond them as well, where a hardened military approach may not be the best way to go.

A Trump administration can’t ignore the long-term challenges of ISIS affiliates spread around the world, they said. They warned that an intensified military campaign and possible increased Western troop presence could play into ISIS propaganda.