Libertarians emerging as Trump resistance

The priorities are diverse in the often-contrarian liberty movement, and there has been diversity, too, in their criticism, ranging from the sense that the “Wall Street establishment” has been overly empowered by a number of Trump’s personnel selections who have deep ties to Goldman Sachs; to fears for civil liberties protections. Many libertarians were also plenty critical of George W. Bush, some activists note, so it’s not a big leap for them to express concerns about another Republican president.

Asked about the onetime Republican Trump critics who are now holding their tongues —Romney, for example, had been under consideration to serve in Trump’s Cabinet, and Carly Fiorina, who clashed with Trump during the campaign, met with him Monday — one plugged-in libertarian activist replied, “The type of Republicans who always get behind their party are doing it again, even if it makes them more uncomfortable than if Jeb or Marco were elected.”

“Basically, people are trying to operate the same way,” the source continued. “Whether Trump upends that model remains to be seen…People right now are trying to be as normal as possible and hoping they can still get their agenda through, but for libertarian Republicans criticizing the president-elect is par for the course.”