How Trump is paving the way for a revival of the "religious left"

But that was before Trump, whose meteoric rise inadvertently yanked prayerful progressives out of political obscurity, albeit in less than ideal ways. Hate crimes have skyrocketed since Trump’s victory, many perpetrated by people claiming to be his supporters. Reports abound of American Muslims beaten in the streets, Reform Jewish synagogues defaced with neo-Nazi propaganda, and LGBTQ-affirming churches desecrated with anti-gay slogans.

In the face of such vitriol, however, faithful liberals are providing a counternarrative of peaceful resistance.

When an Episcopal Church sign in Maryland touting a Spanish-language service was defaced with graffiti reading “Trump Nation. Whites Only,” it was quickly replaced by another banner declaring “Love Wins.”

When Trump’s administration-in-waiting again flirted with the idea of a “Muslim registry,” it was a band of Christians, Jews and Buddhists who stood in front of “The Nation’s Mosque” in Washington to declare that they would happily register as Muslims in solidarity. And within a week of Trump’s election, the American Jewish Committee and the Islamic Society of North America forged a historic alliance known as the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council to develop “a coordinated strategy to address anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism in the U.S.”