Yes, men view women as sex objects

It is a sign of the times that these eight points need to be spelled out. The question is, Why? Why are any of these points — known to just about every woman and man who ever lived prior to the 1960s — controversial to so many well-educated people today?

The answer is leftism and its offshoot, feminism.

Leftism is first and foremost a denial of reality.

Leftists deny reality for two reasons. One is that leftism is a religion (a secular one), and therefore it has dogmas that supersede truth. The other reason is that reality is filled with disappointment and pain, and avoidance of pain is the central psychological impetus of leftism. This explains the infantilizing “safe rooms” at the institutions the Left most controls — the universities. These rooms — replete with stuffed animals, balloons, and Play-Doh — exist to protect students from hearing an idea with which they differ. (Recall the first reason leftists deny reality: It is a religion allows that no heretical ideas.) Safe zone are also meant to keep students from hearing an idea that causes them pain. (Recall reason two: avoiding pain.)