Mr. President-elect, ease off Twitter

So it is asking a lot to suggest that the President-elect sheath his phone, and lay off Twitter for a while. And yet, that is the right thing for Trump to do. As the showman in Trump knows, scarcity is valuable for a leader — especially a small “r” republican leader. It keeps him from getting stale and predictable.

I’m not going to argue for “dignity,” because dignity has been cited too often in telling Republicans not to stoop to the level of fighting back.

The best reason to be a little scarce is that social media has created the possibility for an American President to be in our faces all day long, a ubiquitous presence, of the Orwellian, “dear leader” sort. Trump should exercise every bit of discipline he has not to allow himself to permeate the daily life of American citizens that way.

Even his biggest fans should not constantly be waiting for him to check in, telling them what to think. Because the whole point of electing someone to take an axe to the nanny state is that citizens are adults who need a lot less guidance from government. Restraint speaks louder than words.