Pace yourselves, Trump critics

Look, I was a lifelong Republican until Trump won the nomination. I voted third party rather than sign my name to his reactionary agenda. I’m not the comb-over interloper’s biggest fan, to say the least. But hitting the fainting couch every time The Donald acts like he’s acted all his life is a recipe for cardiac arrest.

Worse still, if you panic over every misspelled tweet or unsourced transition rumor, no one will take you seriously if and when Trump really crosses the line. If Democrats learned anything from 2016, it’s that they shouldn’t have spent the last 50 years calling every Republican a racist, sexist, homophobe or worse. Don’t be the boy who cried wolf.

It’s going to be a long four years and there will be plenty of real decisions to get outraged about. If you keep losing your mind every time Donald Trump acts like Donald Trump, you’re going to guarantee a long eight years.