Trump is becoming a king and the news media is playing along

In our communal effort to now try to figure out what kind of president Donald Trump will be (an endeavor which has traditionally, until this year, been undertaken BEFORE a presidential election has been completed), it seems there has been a lot of misdirected focus. It appears that, especially on the left, most of the concern is that he will turn into a racist dictator of some sort.

However, the left, as they so often do, is not only overplaying their hand with regard to who Donald Trump is, but they are also missing the primary point almost entirely. While I understand how someone who bought into the left’s “alt-right” “white supremacist” caricature of Trump might see his authoritarian “law and order” language as real warning signs of the rise of a Hitler-like figure (did you know that they were both named Time’s “Person of the Year”?), I think this conclusion requires a fundamental misunderstanding of who Trump is.

Whether he even fully realizes it himself, I see Trump as carving out a new role of “King of America” for himself. Judging from his first month as “president-elect,” it is very clear that the Trumpian view of the presidency is much more in line with that of the early 20th Century British monarchy than how our founders conceived of the position of commander in chief (heck, have you seen his living quarters in Trump Tower?!).