The conservative media's Trump preemption

As a result, the sector of the media that has long prided itself on offering a multitude of earnest, right-leaning views and perspectives has turned strikingly tribalistic in its commitment not to ideas, but rather to one specific individual: Donald Trump. The evidence has been resounding.

When a conservative-media icon like Rush Limbaugh starts salivating over the idea of a trillion-dollar stimulus plan under Trump, you know that something big has occurred.

When the prominent right-leaning news sites are now indistinguishable from celebrity fan-club hubs, it’s clear there’s a new sheriff is in town.

When certain Fox News shows have morphed into hour-long infomercials for Trump enthusiasts, where the president-elect’s words are reliably rationalized, and his opponents (from both sides of the aisle) are reflexively attacked, the sea-change is undeniable.