Enough with the west's imaginary threats

Another imaginary problem is the manufactured hysteria in the United States over supposed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. It seems the United States faces real and urgent issues, from its enormous public debt to the soaring number of gun deaths and police shootings.

But it is easier to distract attention by accusing Russian hackers and spies than to identify the root causes and find solutions to these issues. Let’s be honest: Does anyone truly believe that Russia could in any way influence American elections? The United States is a great power, not a banana republic.

As we witness what is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and many other countries, I ask myself what results were achieved by the global war on terror. There have been successes at the regional level or in specific areas, but at the global level it has been a failure and the terrorist threat continues to grow. We all remember the enthusiasm in certain capitals for the so-called “Arab Spring” — where are those brave protesters now? Russia’s calls for a united front against terrorism continue to go unanswered. All the while terrorist groups are being armed, resupplied, supported, and trained by other players using them to advance their own political interests. The West is playing a very dangerous game.